Monday, November 24, 2008

Containerized Living Units (CLU)

I'm located at Camp Lemonier. Notice the word camp, not base, this is an expeditionary location. There is a distinct lack of permanent buildings. Everyone lives in a CLU. Take a shipping container, put a door, A/C, lights, and some basic furniture and you have a CLU. CLUs are a huge improvement from tents that were the main housing and working spaces here only 1 to 2 years ago. Many of the tents are still here but most are empty, however there are still some "offices" that are in tents. Some workspaces are "CWUs" (pronounced chews) that are 2 shipping containers with one long wall cut out and welded together.

Pictured is the CLU I lived in my first two weeks here. It is a 2 man "dry" CLU. Dry meaning no plumbing facilities. In the middle of each row of CLUs is a separate trailer with showers, sinks and toilets. I was also down at the far end of camp, a long walk (15 minutes to the office). Fortunately that location was just temporary while I was on the waiting list for one of the O4 / O5 CLUs to open up (I just moved two days ago). What I described is the permanent home for all E6 and below. E7 through O3 get an upgrade of a private CLU with an attached bathroom that is shared with thier neighbor. The O4 / O5 CLUs, where I now reside, have the advantage of being centrally located as well as private bathroom and wired for internet, AFN TV, and camp phone. My quality of life went way up in the last few days.

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